Our Conferences

The Fulbright Academy of Law, Peace and Public Health will sponsor educational opportunities through sponsored research, symposia, seminars and conferences, on both a national and international level. These conferences will be held at recognized research institutions, non-profit organizations, colleges and universities, governmental agencies, etc., and other notable worthy entities.

At these conferences Fulbright alumni, and other scholars, academicians, faculty, teachers, professors, researchers, and graduate students, will have an opportunity to present their papers, research, and positions, in an open forum, which concern, explore and expand the intersections and interrelationships of Law, Peace and Public Health.

It is further the intent of the Fulbright Academy of Law, Peace and Public Health that the research presentations, symposia, seminars and educational conferences that we sponsor ultimately foster leadership, learning, and empathy between cultures, as well as the promotion of academic excellence, scholarship, understanding, fundamental freedoms, tolerance, and respect for human rights and human dignity.