Our Purpose

The purpose of the Fulbright Academy of Law, Peace and Public Health is to serve as a Fulbright alumni association which offers educational opportunities through sponsored research, symposia, seminars and conferences, so as to foster leadership, learning, and empathy between cultures, as well as the promotion of academic excellence, scholarship, understanding, fundamental freedoms, tolerance, and respect for human rights and human dignity, through the exploration of the intersections and interrelationships of Law, Peace and Public Health.

The Fulbright Academy of Law brings together Fulbrighters throughout the globe who have served in, studied, made contributions to, or who have an interest in, the intersection of the disciplines of Law, Peace and Public Health – and who desire to further an international mutual understanding through education diplomacy so as to cause and encourage an epidemic of Peace.

The Fulbright Academy of Law believes that in pursuing these above stated goals and purposes we will be evidencing our dedication to the promotion of the ideals of the late United States Senator J. William Fulbright and the United States Fulbright Scholarship Program. We also believe that our purpose will promote further understanding of Senator Fulbright’s proclamation that “Law is the essential foundation of stability and order, both within societies and in international relations.”

The Fulbright Academy of Law further strongly believes and supports the notion that once an individual becomes a Fulbrighter – they become a Fulbrighter For Life. Indeed, Fulbrighters have the ability, foresight, compassion, insight, and desire to continue to make contributions to their community, their nation, and to the international global ethos. Accordingly, we hope to provide Fulbrighters, and other meritorious contributors, a venue for their continued meaningful contributions.

The Fulbright Academy of Law, Peace and Public Health is an independent Fulbright alumni organization and is not affiliated with the United States Fulbright Association, the United States Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Fulbright Commissions, Fulbright Exchange Program, the Council for International Exchange of Scholars or the Institute of International Education.